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صفحه اصلی

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Photos of Ghashghai

عکسهائی از مردم قشقائی

Basic Ghashghai info

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More info on the Ghashgai

و باز هم درباره مردم قشقائی

Development projects

طرح توسعه

A map of the Ghashghai

نقشه سرزمين قشقائیها

Read a book in Ghashghai

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Link to Farsi language cool stuff

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Link to the Holy Book in Farsi

انجيل به زبان فارسی

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Listen to story in Ghashghai

يک داستان قشقائی بشنويد


طرح توسعه
Development Projects to Help the Ghashghai
Antique Ghashghai carpet
Above is just a sample of the thousands of beautiful Ghashghai carpets for sale in almost every country on earth. Search on the web for the word "Ghashghai" or "Qashqa'i" and you will be directed to many sites selling or talking about Ghashghai carpets.

Go into any Persian carpet shop and ask to see their Ghashghai carpets. You might be shocked at the $1000 and up price tags.

Did you know that for a $1000 Ghashghai carpet sold in Germany the Ghashghai nomad who spent 6 months making that carpet was only paid perhaps as little as $50? I am trying to change this. I want to see more money go to the nomads especially those who are poor.

E-mail me if you want more information about way I am involved in development project among the Ghashghai.

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